empty dog bed in a triangular room

Your pet’s stay is just like a human’s stay at a hotel.  We charge per night.  To accommodate our guests, we are opened 7 days a week.  Our accommodations vary in size and amenities but not service.

Included in all of our guest’s stay:

  • Personalized attention from our dedicated caring staff
  • Plush sheepskin rugs for bedding
  • Potty walks and individual playtime
  • Royal Canin Low-Fat GI premium food (to prevent stomach upset)
  • Cots for our geriatric guests
  • Veterinarian on premise with daily rounds through kennel

We recommend you bring along your pet’s favorite food to prevent any digestive problems and any bedding or security item to make for a more enjoyable visit.  Please label items with permanent black marker.  Mobile Vet Clinic is not responsible for lost or damaged belongings.  Special diet, feeding and administration of medicines are no charge

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Main Kennel

We offer different sized kennels to meet the needs of all our guests.  The standard dog accommodations range in size from a 9 sq. ft. run for our smallest guests to a 64 sq. ft. run for multiple pets or giant breeds.


Luxury Suites

Our luxury suites were designed specifically for the pampered pet to give them a real home away from home.  These suites are complete with vaulted ceilings, windows, a TV for each guest turned to their favorite channel, appropriate bedding, and web cams so you can view your pampered pooch from your vacation.


Separate Cat Condos

Our cattery is located completely separate from our boarding dogs.  Each cat suite features a perch to sit on and a separate area for litter, and 4 of our condos have a window view.  Book your feline’s stay early to get the best view!